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Platinum Star Speaker.

Riveting storytelling, exquisite comedic timing, and a practical and insightful grasp of Scripture…

Jane Rubietta delights audiences around the world with her thoughtful and unique approach. “I’ve never thought of it this way,” women tell her. “I’ve never understood Scripture like this.” Biblical truth tied in with story and illustration helps audiences remember what God is doing in their time together.

Time together isn’t just fun—it’s rich, deep, and life-changing. As a conferee put it, “God saved my life today.”

“We don’t need more information!” Jane says. “We need transformation.” And isn’t that what meeting planners want? Transformation for their audiences.

Jane loves to speak at conferences and retreats. “We have time to break down walls with laughter and community, provide people a chance to listen to their hearts and experience true companionship and compassion (and tears, usually!), and head home in touch with their longing and with an experience of God’s presence and power, and the tools to live there. It’s my greatest joy to see people who haven’t felt their own hearts in years—let alone God’s heart, loving them ferociously—begin to be freed to love again.”

Jane speaks at a spiritual depth that engages mature believers, while also inviting seekers and those new to the faith into growth. With her winsome presence, she crosses all social/economic and age barriers, from teens to senior citizens. Her humor and vulnerability draw everyone in the audience toward the One who asked, “Do you want to get well?”

“Disarmingly real,” as one reviewer put it, Jane’s passion is to see people’s hearts restored by the knowledge of the truth: that God absolutely delights in them, that God is crazy about them, that God would give everything on earth to make sure they know they are loved. The problem is, she says, “that we have lost our hearts. We are so busy stamping out fires and tending to a thousand urgencies every day, that we don’t remember, don’t notice, that our hearts have gotten trampled somewhere in all the stamping.”

Come_Closer“Every issue we face—whether busyness, failure, shame, transitions – every issue is intended to lead us to God,” she says. “Our tendency is to let our problems separate us from God and one another—but instead, they can become tools to allow us to deepen our spiritual lives, and to in turn change the world!”

Jane speaks internationally and ecumenically, inviting her audiences to tumble into Jesus’ arms and find the love they’ve been looking for.

 Speaking Topics

TRANSFORMED BY TRANSITION Whatever our life season, change is inevitable. Find grace and powerful choices from powerless places. Based on Jane’s best-selling book, Grace Points: Growth and Guidance in Times of Change. For audiences of all ages, this subject works as a single keynote or a weekend theme. One of Jane’s most popular sets, because it works for every single human being alive. And she loves what God does during the time.

COME CLOSER: LOVING…IMPERFECTLY Are you less than the woman you’d imagined? Do you wonder if your faith is lacking, or if Jesus really “works”? Find practical help and the Love you’ve hoped for. Laugh and lean into Jesus. An in-depth look at invitations from Christ, and what He meant when He said, “Come to Me.” Based on the critically acclaimed Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach. Perfect as a stand-alone or an entire conference.

QUIET PLACES: 2 BUSY 2 BE With busyness as one of our top stressors, we need some un-busy tools.  We listen to many words but fail to hear the life-changing Voice. Vital tools and teaching on sane soul care in a frantic world. Perfect for seasoned believers and as an outreach. An excellent stand-alone topic, or in combination with Survive or Thrive, and Resting Place, for a weekend together. Based on Jane’s best-selling book, Quiet Places: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Retreat.

SURVIVE OR THRIVE Abundant life elusive? Hilarious stories and real meat as we look at boundaries (or our lack of boundaries) and explore how to Create Space for God to Act. Four skills to help us thrive while juggling our many roles. (Drawn from her book, Quiet Places.)

RESTING PLACE “Let the weary rest” – but we don’t! Why are we so exhausted? What are we so tired of, and is there a common denominator? Hear the Shepherd’s heart as you learn to rest in green pastures.

COME ALONG: Jane’s newest set of talks, based on her book by the same title. An intimate look at encounters with Christ and His beckonings, in the Gospels and to us today, to a deeper level of intimacy and healing. Familiar stories from the Scriptures, with breathtaking insights into Christ’s hope for us.

RestingCome for Christmas! Women love Christmas, and they love to bring their friends to Christmas events. You won’t be disappointed in inviting Jane to speak to your group. Women will laugh, cry, and begin to know the Heart of Christmas during your Christmas celebration.

HEAR THE ANGELS SING Don’t get buried in Holiday Hustle! Move beyond trappings and tinsel, and tune your heart to hear the Music of Heaven. A delightful, funny, deep and encouraging time, with practical application for women to halt the hustle of the holidays.

COME CLOSER TO CHRISTMAS! In this warm, encouraging session, women will laugh as they share their Christmas lists…and then ah-ha as they recognize what they’re really hoping for at Christmas. Perfect for an outreach event as well as for a building-up-the-Body time, with excellent tools to really Come Closer…to the Christ of Christmas.

Other Topics for Speakers, Writers, Ministers, Spouses, Leadership, & Marriage are available.

Special keynotes available for Advent, Lent, and Easter.

BODY BUILDING Build God’s kingdom by building up your pastor. A practical look at the pastorate for clergy, Elders, Deacons, Consistories, and lay people.

Writing Topics:

Keynote addresses:

Word Carriers

Writing as a Calling

Writing from the Wilderness

Writing from a Full Well

Writing Classes and Electives:

How to Get Published: Up to four session

Writing Query Letters

Writing for Women

Writing the Devotional Themed Book

Writing Devotionals

Building a Speaking Platform: Up to four sessions

Creating a Media Packet

Being a Great Interview

Creating Critique Groups


Wooden boat and oars next to pondCalling her a “world-class author”, critics compare Jane’s writing to the likes of Max Lucado, Phillip Yancey, Kathleen Norris, and Anne Lamott. In a starred review for Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach, Publishers Weekly says, “Rubietta richly [presents] Jesus’ beckonings with dynamic storytelling, emotionally inviting prayers, and calls to honest introspection.”

Jane is the author of eleven books, most recently Come Along: The Journey into a More Intimate Faith. Other books include Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach, Resting Place: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Retreat, the award-winning Grace Points: Growth and Guidance in Times of Change (InterVarsity Press), the award-winning Quiet Places, Still Waters (a Gold Medallion Nominee), and Between Two Gardens. With Shirley Mitchell, Jane co-authored Fabulous after 50 and Sensational after 60. She co-authored with Lois Evans Stones of Remembrance: A Rock-Hard Faith in Rock-Hard Places.

GraceJane writes on assignment for Focus on the Family, Indeed, MomSense, and Fullfill, and is a regular contributing author for Today’s Christian Woman. Hundreds of her articles have appeared in magazines such as HomeLife, Physician, Significant Living, MomSense, Fullfill, LifeWise, Moody, Plus, Christianity Today, Christian Reader, The Lookout, Decision, and others.Her books have been featured in Crossings Book Club, as “Top Picks” in Today’s Christian Woman, and Book of the Week on Midday Connection. Denominations have selected her books for their recommended reading programs. Jane is also a contributor to the “Gifted for Leadership” website.

After obtaining a B.S. in Business from Indiana University, Jane completed postgraduate studies in Germany while also forming and directing an international drama team, taking the Gospel throughout Europe. She attended seminary at Trinity Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. Jane is assistant coordinator and faculty member of Write-To-Publish Writer’s Conference.

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