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Janet is widely known as an insightful, hilarious, and personable speaker—someone who will make you laugh but also someone who will give you a fresh perspective on God’s Word so as to lighten your load. She is a national speaker and author of 23 books, six of those on prayer. You may have heard of her best-selling book PrayerWalk that inspired a feature article in Health magazine, as well as others in magazines such as Family Circle and Catholic Digest. Her newest book on prayer, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus (release date: June 5, 2018) is the only comprehensive book on the prayer life of Jesus. Her business name is Looking Up! because that is what she enjoys doing most: encouraging others to turn to God through prayer and a deeper spiritual walk. Janet experienced dramatic changes in her life as a result of her prayerwalking, as well as countless answers to prayer in her community. She and her husband Craig have raised four children in the Sierra Valley, where he is a rancher and where she formerly taught English at the high school. Janet serves as the director of prayer ministries in nearby Reno at The Bridge Church, where she also leads a First Place 4 Health group and has served on the church board. In her hometown in the Sierra Valley, she serves on the board of The Sierra Schools Foundation, a nonprofit organization that brings financial resources to her community’s rural schools. In the summers you can find Janet kayaking with Craig on mountain lakes, and in the winter she’s keeping the scorebook at home basketball games. In all of her life’s pursuits, though, you will see that she is Looking Up! . . . and she would love to speak at your next event.

Speaking Topics

You. Are. Beautiful.

Looking Up!

Arise! Becoming Brave, Strong, and Free!

Shine! Oh, How He Loves You!


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