Top Five Christian Women Speakers


Our top five Christian women speakers make an impact.

Please note that our organization has worked with Christian women speakers for the past twenty-five years and we’ve noticed that the best speakers have some very special qualities. They have a wonderful knowledge and understanding of the Word, they tell entertaining and heart-warming stories, plus they are experienced speakers working with audiences from coast to coast and abroad.

But the thing that makes these speakers head and shoulders above other Christian speakers is their vision to bring life-changing transformation to their audiences.

Top Five Christian Women Speakers Revealed:


Linda Evans Shepherd

1. Linda Evans Shepherd – Our top pick is Linda Evans Shepherd, the best-selling Baker Revell prayer author. When Linda shares her amazing signature stories, audiences break out in laughter, applause and their hearts transform with hope, joy and peace. Linda uses creative, interactive prayers to bring her audiences closer to God with amazing, life-changing results.  Linda’s messages are healing! Powerful! Dynamic! To view Linda’s webpage, CLICK HERE.


Jill Savage

Jill Savage

2.  Jill Savage – What we like about Jill  is that she offers vulnerability in her messages about marriage, mothering, friendship, leadership, women’s issues, adoption, faith, and making life work in all circumstances.  Her honest, engaging communication is strengthened by her ability to make her audience laugh while they learn.  Jill is she an inspiration!  To view Jill’s webpage, CLICK HERE.




Jane Rubietta

3.  Jane Rubietta – We like Jane because her wonderful storytelling is paired with her riveting comedic timing. She engages mature believers, while also inviting seekers and those new to the faith into growth. With her winsome presence, she crosses all social/economic and age barriers, from teens to senior citizens. To view Jane’s webpage, CLICK HERE.



Karen Porter

Karen Porter

4. Karen Porter – Karen is a delight.  She is one wise woman of the Word,who uses her Texas charm to engage audiences with stories, laughter and wisdom.  She comes with a high approval rating, and loves to center her events around chocolate.  Your group will certainly have a good time with Karen and they will grow in their understanding of the Lord to boot. To view Karen’s webpage, CLICK HERE.



Pam Farrel

Pam Farrel

5. Pam Farrel  – Pam is a engaging, energetic powerhouse of a speaker.  She has a passion to communicate to the hearts of women and has a wonderful nack at speaking into marriages. She is known for saying, “One ordinary woman connected to the extra- ordinary God Can Make a Difference!” We love this best-selling Harvest House Author.  To view Pam’s webpage, CLICK HERE.